Confusing Friendship

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Confusing Friendship

Unread postby TheEd96 » 25th June, 2018, 9:26 pm

I’m a 21 year old college student. I am also bisexual (I’ve liked guys and girls but I’m more into guys). I’m not a stereotypical type of guy, I’m pretty masculine.

Last semester I took a Chemistry class. The first day I saw this guy waiting outside of the classroom and I found him really attractive but I kept minding my business. At the end of the first class out of nowhere he started looking for conversation with me. I asked for his number so that I could “add him on a chat for the class”.

For months it was a normal student-student relationship. At first I used to invite him to lunch but he always had something to do. Last month that changed because he started to say he was hungry right after class so one day he went to eat with me and a group of students from the class. A few days later the group was going to eat but for some reason he wanted to only eat with me and a friend of ours (girl). When we were in the parking he told my friend “you should really treat your boyfriends right beacuse they might leave” he said that while looking at me with some sort of a weird grin.

Many times I caught him stealing glances of me. Doesn’t mind me sitting next to him, many times he’s really close (like weird close), he’s told me about his family and reacted really well when I told him something really personal that Ive only told a few people but he told me that nothing was going to affect our friendship. One day we were in he class room and the profesor was explaining some chemistry shit and it went like this “compound Y is attracted to compound X” after that my crush told me “I really like that lesson”

One day we were going to see Deadpool 2 but everyone from the group except for us bailed so he told me that he had no problem with the two of us could going alone. That night was awesome. I caught him a few times stealing glances.

After that the next week we went back to the movies but with the group. We even went to a bar and at the end when we were outside the bar I told everyone I was kind of drunk so he got kind of protective and kind of mad because I had to drive alone and go to my home (which was far) drunk.

The next day the group went out but he told me he couldn’t go later that night the group was going to another bar so they told me to write to him since he couldn’t go to the place we were earlier. He never answered the message. After that the group was going on a three day vacation but my car broke down. I texted him to see if he was going and could take me to which he said “I’m not sure if I’m going but I’ll text you the answer tomorrow”. The next day I didn’t receive a text from him so I had to call another friend very late to go with her the next morning, she accepted but got kind of mad. That weekend I had to hear her fighting in the car with her boyfriend.

After that I invited him to a basketball game but he told me he had to work from Monday to Sunday till late. After that since I felt like Ibwas bothering him so I stopped texting him, I deleted him from my social accounts and I kind of threw and indirect message in the groups chat.

After that we spoke two weeks later but it was only an invitation to a party at my house. The entire group will be there.

I really don’t know what to do. He’s the first person that’s made me wonna come out. I haven’t felt before what I feel for him. I really like him.

Does he like me???
Is he bi or gay???
Should I make an effort???
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Re: Confusing Friendship

Unread postby Lochlan » 26th June, 2018, 7:27 am

He sounds like the typical straight/bi-curious guy that gets close to a dude and then realises it's not for him. I'd not pursue it, but don't cut him out of your life if nothing bad has happened, he can still be a good friend. If he cuts you out, let it be. You have bigger things to worry about than some salty straight dude who can't believe he was crushing on you for a hot second :P
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