Apocalypse of Diversity: Globalization

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Apocalypse of Diversity: Globalization

Unread postby Flower » 11th July, 2018, 10:06 pm

In every two days, a language dies. Because of the same reason I’m writing this in English [and you’re not reading this as Turkish]; Globalisation. There were three things that led to globalisation.

1) Founding of Empires [Rise of Central Authority]
When Roman Empire spread, so did its language. A Language of Italy spread across Europe and became a prestige language. It killed many local languages, by force if necessary. Vulgar Latin evolved into new languages such as Spanish, French and Romanian.

In todays [as an example] France, there is only one language and ethnicity. French and also French. Before the Standartisation, every region of France spoke different kind of French. After the standartisation, they all spoke as one. This made things easier for the government but it also killed the linguistic / ethnic diversity.

How many Breton / Occitan people can speak their own language today? After the British Empire rose, why did Welsh, Manx, Cornish died?

2) Colonialism
It is a simple question; Why speak our tribal language [which is spoken amongst idk, not so much thousand people?] when we can speak the prestige language of our country, allowing our offsrings a better chance at integrating the country? This was a direct effect of the colonisation;

Examples are;
Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, Chinook, Delaware, Cree etc in North America.
Mayan / Nahuatl Languages in Central America.
Many Amazonian / Andean languages in Soyth America.
Aborginal languages in Down Under.
Bantu languages in Africa.

All replaced with [Insert Presitge Language here]

3) Mass Media / Internet /

Every high budget film you watch is in English.
Every music, documentary, news etc is in English.
Internet is English.
Information is English.

There are more than a thousand kanguages and dialects in Indonesia. How do they communicate? With a lingua franca / koine of course!

For example; In my country, most Kurds in the western regions learn Turkish as their primary language and Kurdish as their second. Because their families raises them that way.


In the next 50 years, half of the languages that is spoken now will be extinct. They won’t just disappear though. Its just that none of us bother to speak it. Like Sumerian or Ancient Egyptian. Or they will become a liturgical language like Latin or Classical Hebrew.

And also unlike old times, languages are stagnant. In two hundred years, English went nowhere. [Except calling milk, cereal sauce]

Have you ever wondered why there is English but no American, Australian or Canadian?
Have you ever wondered why there is an Arabic language but there isn’t a Libyan, Syrian, Tunisian, Algerian?
Why isn’t there a Mexican Language? Or Brasilian?

Its because they are standartised. For Arabic, that was Fusha [Quran Arabic]. So they never had the chance to evolve like Chinese languages. They were always bound to a single source. As with the todays languages; the Internet.

What do you think anout globalisation; is it good or bad?

Should all of us speak the same language or difference of languages define us? Etc etc.
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Re: Apocalypse of Diversity: Globalization

Unread postby Lochlan » 12th July, 2018, 3:54 am

Teaching common languages to our children is basically necessary for them to have any decent chance in life, regardless of the origins of this necessity. The globalisation of language is a good thing overall IMO, there are bad aspects yes, but in general, it has lead to many more opportunities for people, such as with the (recently not so much) large amount of native and non native English speakers here on GTF.
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Re: Apocalypse of Diversity: Globalization

Unread postby KrisCross » 13th July, 2018, 4:27 pm

Languages are not stagnant in the slightest, just because they are standardized doesn't mean they don't grow anymore. The internet made a huge impact on the way we communicate. Look at how quickly gay slang evolves these days and the way we use gifs and memes.

I get that in some way it's sad that some languages are dying out, but there is nothing inherently bad about the way language is developing in the last decades/centuries.
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