The EU plastic ban

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Re: The EU plastic ban

Unread postby Russell » 8th September, 2018, 11:50 pm

I love this! I've actually been signing and writing up petitions to try and get something similar happening here in Australia over the past couple of years. Although it's not enforced over here, you can definitely see the ripples of change within the culture here. Evidenced by businesses large and small opting to replace the plastic straw with biodegradable alternatives and majority of the green grocers no longer providing plastic bags to encourage people to bring their own recyclable bags and cut down on our usage. There are even weekly dive groups who scour the ocean floor for rubbish, to help clean up our beaches.

There has definitely been a paradigm shift in the way we approach living, the move towards sustainability is something which was desperately needed and I am so glad that we're finally starting to get our shit together. In previous generations, the environment has always been low on the priority list, but now that there is evidence of the lasting damage which we causing the to the planet, I don't think that we can feign obliviousness any longer. This shit is real, and if we want the future generations to be able to experience this Earth, we need to man up and shoulder that short term cost increase and start thinking long term about our legacy. Humans are a blight on this Earth; a virus. The question is, can the human race have enough foresight at least reduce our footprint, by living more sustainable to ensure there is a future for our children.

As for the supposed job losses, there will be new avenues which open creating new jobs to replace the ones which would be lost. It's not like it would wipe out the oil industry completely, it would just make it so that we are less reliant on such goods. People hate change and those in power use this to fear-monger people into doing what they want. People let themselves be led around by the nose by the MNC's who profiteer through the destruction of the earth, why else would we still be using things like coal for power, when there are so many renewable alternatives.
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