Hello again!

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Hello again!

Unread postby kilvas » 30th December, 2017, 8:46 pm

Hey everyone!
I used to be active on this forum several years ago, but I'm jumping back in now that I'm a bit older. I've changed a lot since I was 13 (going through all my old posts really reminded me of that lol) so I figured a new introduction would be appropriate. I'll get around to posting a picture soon.

First name or nickname: Ryan
Age: 17
Orientation: Gay
Are you active on our Discord Server? If so, what is your username: just joined! rts25604 is the name
How did you find the site, and why did you sign up?: Found it as an insecure kid in middle school and I just wanted to find others like myself.
Where do you live?: Pennsylvania
Occupation/Studies: Junior in high school currently
Life goals: I'd like to be an environmental, petroleum, or mineral engineer
In your free time you like to: watch Netflix, read, hang out with friends
What are your talents?: I can play the clarinet, saxophone, and piano. Also I'm rather book smart (I have little common sense though)
An interesting fact about you: I'm obsessed with the color blue and obsessed with foreign language.
Your personal hero is...: I don't really have a specific personal hero, lots of people come to mind.
Your celebrity crush is...: Tom Daley
Your favourite movies are...: Moonrise Kingdom, Atlantis, Pan's Labyrinth
Favourite TV shows/books/songs right now?: RPDR, Arrested Development, Bojack Horseman, Eurovision
What is your political philosophy or beliefs?: I consider myself a Democrat
Are you a follower of any religion? I was raised Roman Catholic (and attend a Roman Catholic school) but I'm agnostic
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?: I don't do anything but I'm open to the possibility
What animal best represents you?: a koala
Best thing about you? My curiosity
Worst thing about you? Laziness
Tell us about your last 24 hours: went to breakfast and a movie with friends, slept, read a bit, and did some homework

Mi ┼Łatas virojn :P
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Re: Hello again!

Unread postby Amadeus » 30th December, 2017, 9:42 pm

Halloooo & welcome back!! :D
No way to contact me anymore. I'm out.
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Re: Hello again!

Unread postby ireland » 30th December, 2017, 11:26 pm

Welcome hun!
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Re: Hello again!

Unread postby CRUSTY SEA MILF » 31st December, 2017, 12:23 am

Welcome back to the server, Ryan! Glad you're getting back into GTF :)

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Re: Hello again!

Unread postby Dolly » 31st December, 2017, 12:25 am

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Re: Hello again!

Unread postby Hierax » 2nd January, 2018, 1:22 pm

Welcome back x
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