Hi :D

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Hi :D

Unread postby Uwillnevrkno » 30th December, 2017, 5:25 pm

Hey you lot I'm J and I'm 16. I've figured it out and I'm strongly attracted to guys more so than to chicks lol. Why is orientation so bloody complicated. Anyway I enjoy going out with friends, watching movies, figure skating and poetry. If anyone wants to be my friend u can friend me on here and/or message me. Anyway I had been considering joining but I didn't want anyone at my former school to find me and bully me, but now I'm here :P
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby CRUSTY SEA MILF » 30th December, 2017, 5:57 pm

Welcome to the server J! We also have a discord if you ever want to talk with us/get to know more people via voice or video too! We are glad to have you though and feel free to toss me a message if you would like to chat sometime!
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby Zephyrus » 30th December, 2017, 6:02 pm

Welcome to the forum. :keke:
Be sure to stick around and pop into the Discord.
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby Petre » 30th December, 2017, 8:45 pm

Hello! Welcome to a very, very gay place. You'll either leave very soon, want to leave very soon, or be stuck here for a while. No matter what, we'll enjoy having you around for the time being no matter what! Or, hopefully we will :P
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby Amadeus » 30th December, 2017, 9:43 pm

Hallo J & welcome to the forums! :D
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby ireland » 30th December, 2017, 11:26 pm

Welcome :D
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby Dolly » 31st December, 2017, 12:26 am

Welcome to the forum :)
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby ItsMeJack » 31st December, 2017, 5:43 pm

Hi, welcome!! :keke:
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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby boiii » 1st January, 2018, 6:57 am

welcome, the best way to introduce yourself is by filling this out.
a warm welcome here :D

First name or nickname:
Are you active on our Discord Server? If so, what is your username:
How did you find the site, and why did you sign up?:
Where do you live?:
Life goals:
In your free time you like to:
What are your talents?:
An interesting fact about you:
Your personal hero is...:
Your celebrity crush is...:
Your favourite movies are...:
Favourite TV shows/books/songs right now?:
What is your political philosophy or beliefs?:
Are you a follower of any religion?
Drinking, drugs or sobriety?:
What animal best represents you?:
Best thing about you?
Worst thing about you?
Tell us about your last 24 hours:[
A picture of you: (only if you feel comfortable, many users have never posted a picture, it certainly isn't expected!; but if so, use our image uploader if you like and paste the BBCode URL you're given:)

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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby Lightboy » 2nd January, 2018, 12:26 pm

Heyaaa! Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it!

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Re: Hi :D

Unread postby Hierax » 2nd January, 2018, 1:32 pm

Welcome to GTF, J!
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