Gay friends?

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Gay friends?

Unread postby Danielhk » 22nd July, 2017, 11:30 pm

Hi all, this is Daniel, a 22 years old in Hk. It always amuses me how "gay" means joy in a literal sense but gives me puzzlement and sometimes frustration in another sense.

I have never been in love so I'm not sure if I am gay or not. Not that I'm retarded (haha) but I'm not ready for a lifetime commitment, so when people confess love to me I just shy away and pretends to be ignorant to their meanings.

Although this potential hiding in the closet thing is bitter, I don't hate it - this is my heart I'm talking about and I can't hate myself for who I am.

Would making gay friends help? Please let me know if you have ever felt similarly. Hope I have not made things too sophisticated here! Thanks
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Re: Gay friends?

Unread postby Dolly » 22nd July, 2017, 11:41 pm

What help are you looking for? I mean, do you mean you want to know how to start loving people or are you confused about being gay? If it is the latter, then I suppose trying to find gay friends could be beneficial. If it is the former, I do not think it would be of any help to meet gay friends. I should note that love is, unfortunately, not often a lifetime commitment, so by dating someone, you are not stuck in that relationship for the rest of your life. Just go with the flow. If you have no romantic feelings toward someone, then do not hesitate to tell them that. I apologize for the vague answer; I can only write so much with the information given! In any case, if you think a gay friend could help your situation, go ahead. There are not any downsides. Good luck with your endeavors. :) :gay:
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Re: Gay friends?

Unread postby Dessy » 23rd July, 2017, 10:32 am

I'm not quite sure what you seek here. Love doesn't have to be a lifetime committement but you're not necessarily alone in how you react to someone confessing their love for you. It's an awkward moment if you don't feel remotely the same way.

But what do you expect gay friends to do exactly in regard to this topic? Are you seeking a friendship over a romantic relationship?

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