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Unread postby Mcmmigas » 6th August, 2017, 4:47 pm

Hi guys!
My name is Miguel but friends like to call me Migas. I'm an 18 year old guy from Portugal and bisexual. I prefer women but I've also engaged in several sexual activities with a male friend of mine and also feel sexually attracted to men so I guess I'm bi.
I've found this site whilst searching for an website where people from my age range can comment on their sexuality and hopefully answer some of my questions. As stated before, I'm from Portugal, most specifically from the beautiful region of Algarve. I've just finished 12th grade and I'm going to study Political Sciences in University. My goals are working in diplomacy or in the European Union. In my free time I like to watch my favourite shows, play videogames and read some articles about foreign policy and how the world is going in political terms (don't get me started about Trump :lol:).
An interesting fact about me is that I'm not shy to comment deep personal thoughts and I'm a quite open-minded person. I also like to use "xD" a lot and love gossip xD. I don't have any personal heroes. My celebrity crushes are Maisie Williams and Shailene Woodley. My favourite movies are Inception, The Woman in Black, all of the Harry Potter movies and all of the Insidious movies. My favourite TV show is Top Gear but I've also very recently started watching MTV's Catfish (I hope I don't encounter any xD) and Cheaters. My favourite book right now is The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp. My favourite song as of today is Attention by Charlie Puth. My political ideology is Socialism (don't confuse with Communism) and I'm thinking of joing the Socialist Party here in Portugal. I'm very liberal and a vocal supporter of the legalization of drugs and equal rights for all citizens no matter race, gender or sexual preference. I consider myself Catholic but I don't really follow it too much. I drink socially and sometimes get a bit drunk in parties xD but nothing too outlandish. I don't do drugs but I do smoke a cigar sometimes. The best animal that represents me is the cat because I consider myself clever, independent and intuitive.
The best thing about me is that I'm an open book and I like to listen to other people's stories and comment on my life. I've got nothing to hide. If you want someone to talk to you at 3 am, I'm your guy. The worst thing about me is that I get mad quite easily and like Gordon Ramsay, I usually swear a bit xD. My last 24 hours consisted of eating, reading a book, playing games with friends, going to the beach and writing on this forum xD.

For all of you curious, heres a picture of me taken in prom:
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Happy Valentines!
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby MCarr » 6th August, 2017, 4:55 pm

Olá, bem vindo ao forum! :keke:
It's always good to see another portuguese. You should try the chat room, it's great for getting to know everyone. I'm sure you'll love it here! :heart:
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Kaspar » 6th August, 2017, 5:00 pm

We have two Miguels now! YEEY! :D Welcome to the forum buddy! :heart:
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Dolly » 6th August, 2017, 5:01 pm

Welcome to the forum, Migas xD There are quite a few of us who are also into politics and diplomacy; you should make a thread or reply to one in our Intellectual Discussion sub-forum. :) We also have a chat room that gets pretty fun at times, so definitely stop by if you notice that it is active. Also, feel free to message me if you ever need help or have questions because I am highly established and respected. I hope you like the forum!
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Lochlan » 6th August, 2017, 5:14 pm

Hey Miguel, welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it here, the community here is really great, so I hope you decide to stay :keke:
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Unseasoned Chicken » 6th August, 2017, 5:15 pm

Welcome to the forum Miguel! My experience with Portuguese guys called Miguel tells me
You're going to be amazing :awesome:
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Hierax » 6th August, 2017, 5:21 pm

Welcome to the forum, Miguel! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here & you should visit the chat sometime so we can get to know eachother! :)
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Ganymede » 6th August, 2017, 5:49 pm

Welcome to the forum, Miguel. You're the second Portuguese I know from here. And he's also your namesake :lol:
I am interested as well in political science (science in general actually, but that's another topic haha). and diplomacy. I'll love to have a debate with you regarding the legalization of drugs, as it has sparked public outcry in my country and I am personally against it.
Nonetheless, feel yourself welcome and don't let my opinions trouble you :P
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Example » 6th August, 2017, 11:33 pm

Hey there, Migas
welcome to the forum!
now that's how you write a good introduction
if you need any help or advice with life or just browsing the forum you can send me a message and I'll help you the best I can
we're glad to have you on the forum :)
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Jacketh » 6th August, 2017, 11:43 pm

oh my GOD

portugese and and people from Belgium are truly taking over this place

welcome! that was some introduction. this place can get pretty political so I'm sure you'll fit in :lol:
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Dessy » 7th August, 2017, 2:47 am

Well that's a rather lengthy intro. Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Adyuto » 7th August, 2017, 2:50 pm

Welcome Miguel, I hope that you enjoy everything that the forum has to offer.
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Re: Wassup

Unread postby Peekaboo » 7th August, 2017, 3:00 pm

Welcome to the forum! pretty sure we've spoken in the chat already but this is a bit more formal ^^
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