Family Feud Round 2

Family Feud Round 2

Unread postby George » 12th January, 2018, 3:13 pm


Welcome back to Family Feud! After the success of last week, our teams return to face off in this battle of wits to figure out who knows their team best. Best of luck!

From the date of this thread launching, contestants will have until 7pm GMT 19th January, to PM their responses to the following questions. The aim of the game is simple: find the most popular answer!

The Questions
1) A famous European landmark
2) A former Communist country
3) A method of transport/getting around, excluding cars
4) A currency, excluding the Dollar
5) A job that requires an education
6) A fast food chain
7) A world leader excluding Donald Trump
8) A capital city excluding London
9) An olympic sport excluding running
10) A breed of dog

The Terms and Conditions
It will be a disqualifying offense to discuss your answers with other people. Please do not masquerade around asking "So, Madonna songs?". And don't try to think we won't notice if you do it privately either, we have caught users who co-operated together in past.

Points are awarded based on how many people choose the same answer. Your answer does not have to be correct, it merely has to be popular. Conceptually, if I asked, "Name an American GTFer", and 16 people said "Tim.", despite Tim being Australian, those people would receive 16 points. This will not stop me laughing at you, however.

The user who scores the highest points over all will win this round of Family Feud. The will also win the maximum number of points for their team. 2nd, 3rd, all other corresponding places will also win the appropriate number of points.

Please PM your answers to George either via Discord, or here on the forum.
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