Year Cup: Challenge II - Art

Year Cup: Challenge II - Art

Unread postby Kaspar » 10th January, 2018, 5:00 pm

The Year Cup 2017/2018

Somewhere far west, American prairies

Three lone figures slowly appear on the horizon, the sunset light dimly illuminating their faces.
They ride their horses going through the dense laters of hot air, heat still radiating from the ground. Arriving at the wide base of the steep cliff, a part of the great canyon, the riders take down their mask revealing their faces. It is Brennan (wolbre04) - an infamous criminal who's name strikes fear into the hearts of nearby civilians, with Fadi (Lightboy) and Peter (Petre) - two of his most trusted bandits.

-Okay lads, we're gonna set up a camp somewhere here. - says Brennan (wolbre04)
-Oi, boss, it's fucking hotter than Dutch love in the harvest. - mutters Peter (Petre), sweat running down his face
-Ey, look! There's a cave over there, we can sleep inside! - shouts Fadi (Lightboy) pointing at a diagonal crack in the canyon, the sense of excitement forming on his face.

The riders briskly set off on that direction.

Meanwhile, one mile away, on the top of a hill.

A slim person sits down and observes the scene taking place in the canyon below. He sees the three riders close up to a cave, slight frown forming on his face.

-Ano orokamono wa kokoni nani shite iru ka? - he murmurs under his nose - They found the treasure spot. - the person stands up and turns around to a different man of the same height and posture behind him - What are we going to do with it, Captain Sam (Deither)?
-They will have to pay for their disrespect, Anthony (Panthony2100), I'll make sure of it.

At the same time down below in the valley, in the cave entrance.

-Boss? - Fadi's (Lightboy)voice echoes through the dark corridor - There is... stuff here. A lot of stuff here. Coins, furniture, paintings...
-We've got some lootin' to do then, lads. Let's see what we got 'ere...

Year Cup: Art Challenge

You will be judged, collectively, on:

• Creativity
• Form and how well the art fits into the chosen theme
• The short 50 word description of the piece

Rules and Judging

The themes for the challenge that you can choose from will be:
•Your team theme (TWW and TFE)
•Home Country
•A made up super-hero

• You may collaborate together with team members, work on your ideas and themes, but just the one person submitting will receive points
• Plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification of course
• IMPORTANT! This challenge is TRADITIONAL ART ONLY - The entries must be drawn/painted, either digitally or by hand, but photoediting will not be permitted
• Entries will be made publically on the thread, where users will state which team they are in, title the piece, and then have no more than 50 words to describe their piece

The Deadline is 24th January, which is approximately two weeks from now. Regardless of where you finish, each member will score 5 participation points.
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Re: Year Cup: Challenge II - Art

Unread postby wolbre04 » 10th January, 2018, 11:42 pm

the TWW mountain of points is blocking my view of the cave loot :tea:
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Re: Year Cup: Challenge II - Art

Unread postby Quinn » 12th January, 2018, 3:20 pm


My team is TWW, and it’s also my theme. It’s an abstract color study on our team color. I swear.
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