Share an Embarrassing "Shake My Head" Moment

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Share an Embarrassing "Shake My Head" Moment

Unread postby Wayde » 6th November, 2017, 6:35 pm

Starting this thread for us to just leave those small things that we did or thought that are slightly embarrassing and make us laugh.

To start us off, when I came to my university this fall I got the SGA (Student Government) and GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance) acronyms mixed up. I kept hearing people talk about SGA, and so for the first week or two I was like "Wow, my school is incredibly supportive of LGBT! Like almost overly so!" When I realized I had mixed the acronyms up in my head, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Now, whenever I see the SGA acronym on student government campaigns, I can't help but laugh at myself :lol:
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Re: Share an Embarrassing "Shake My Head" Moment

Unread postby CelticSky » 12th January, 2018, 10:26 pm

I was cycling around my town, just for fun really not going anywhere inparticular, and i was heading down a road with a slow speed limit when a car started approaching me from behind. Im not comfortable with road riding yet so i attempted to "bump" my bike up onto the pavement... and failed quite badly! almost ending up on my face... on the main shopping street in town... in the middle of the day.. with hundreds of people there... :weep: i've stuck to cycle paths since then :lol:

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