The Pregnant Newspaper [The Porno: The Movie]

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The Pregnant Newspaper [The Porno: The Movie]

Unread postby Influp » 3rd December, 2017, 10:41 am

So, in the GTF Discord (which you should totally join if you haven't already) I came up with the idea of a Porno that was based around plot instead of just sex. So I brainstormed with some of the other smart minds in there, and I came up with this masterpiece. The word 'sex scene' is loosely defined in my porno, so don't attack me when none of your kinks appear.

The main antagonist for this movie is a pregnant woman who suffers from frequent muscle pains. She will be played by Dolly.

The protagonist is a clumsy man who is the pregnant womans husband. He accidentally killed the baby inside of her while she slept, but in a smart move, replaced the fillings with newspaper. He will be played by Wolbre04.

There is a secret relationship brewing here! It is our favorite forum pal Petre, but Petre isn't playing as himself no no.. Instead he is getting played by Gavin~ oh what fun. Petre and the husband have a secret relationship unknowing to the wife (for now..), but the only way they can show their love through eachother is through staring. Hehehe, how shocking!

Finally, there is another man in the triangle, and it's getting played by Olivurh, Petres best friend obviously! These two have a secret relationship too, and now the cheating couple is cheating on a guy who's cheating on his wife. Dr aaahhmaaaaaa.

The baby will also be a part of this movie, played by Squipel. The baby ends up escaping the dumpster after the husband threw him out, and he's been on a mission to get his revenge!

Plot: Eventually the wife finds out about this chain of infidelity and absorbs the spirit of the newspaper baby and becomes the ultimate boss the 3 infidels must travel across the land, working together with their romantic gestures towards eachotherto stop her from unleashing her menstrual fury upon the world.

The end.

(Yes this is a bit of a shitpost but I got told to post this and I didn't have enough effort with me to make it perfect so my apologies. Hope you enjoy nonetheless)
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Re: The Pregnant Newspaper [The Porno: The Movie]

Unread postby wolbre04 » 3rd December, 2017, 10:47 am

Somehow I manage to always play the bumbling fool :thumbsup:
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Re: The Pregnant Newspaper [The Porno: The Movie]

Unread postby Squipel » 3rd December, 2017, 10:53 am


GTFA Thread of the year here guys!
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Re: The Pregnant Newspaper [The Porno: The Movie]

Unread postby Gavin » 3rd December, 2017, 11:07 am

I've always wanted to be petre :D
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