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Re: Favourite song lyrics

Unread postby wolbre04 » 17th November, 2017, 8:17 pm

The Rolling Stones: Tumblin' Dice

Wo Yeah! (Wo, wo)
Women think I'm tasty, but they're always tryin' to waste me
And make me burn the candle right down,
But baby, baby, I don't need no jewels in my crown.
Cause all you women is low down gamblers,
Cheatin' like I don't know how,
But baby, baby, there's fever in the funk house now.
This low down bitchin' got my poor feet a itchin',
Don't you know you know the duece is still wild.
Baby, I can't stay, you got to roll me
And call me the tumblin' dice.
Always in a hurry, I never stop to worry,
Don't you see the time flashin' by.
Honey, got no money,
I'm all sixes and sevens and nines.
Say now baby, I'm the rank outsider,
You can be my partner in crime.
But baby, I can't stay,
You got to roll me and call me the tumblin',
Roll me and call me the tumblin' dice.
Oh, my, my, my, I'm the lone crap shooter,
Playin' the field ev'ry night.
But baby, I can't stay,
You got to roll me and call me the tumblin' dice, (Call me the tumblin')
Got to roll me (yayes), Got to roll me, Got to roll me (Oh yeah)
Got to roll me
Got to roll me (yeah)
Got to roll me (Keep on rolling)
Got to roll me (Keep on rolling)
Got to roll me (Keep on rolling)
Got to roll me
My baby, call me the tumblin' dice, yeah
Got to roll me
Baby sweet as sugar (Got to roll me)
Yeah, my, my, my yeah (Got to roll me)
I went down baby, oh
Got to roll me (hit me)
Baby I'm down
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Re: Favourite song lyrics

Unread postby CelticSky » 9th December, 2017, 7:11 pm

Oh the weather outside is weather
but the fire is so fire
since we've no place to place
let it let, let it let, let it let

and on a serious note :P
The lyrics to an old song called "Serenade in Blue" make me so emotional... idk wether its the dreamy saxophone or the actual words but there you go .-.


When I hear that serenade in blue
I'm somewhere in another world, alone with you
Sharing all the joys we used to know
many moons ago.

Once again your face comes back to me
Just like the theme of some forgotten melody
In the album of my memory,
serenade in blue

It seems like only yesterday, a small cafe, a crowded floor
And as we danced the night away, I hear you say forever more
And then the song became a sigh
Forever more became goodbye
but you remained in my heart, so

Tell me darling in there still a spark?
Or only lonely ashes of the flame we knew
Should I go on whistling in the dark?
serenade in blue.

I can just image this song set to a story about two boys who fall madly in love with eachother but are confused and scared, they spend an amazing night together but find themselves seperated.. only they realise they cant stay away from eachother and run into eachother on a dark night, culminating in a beautiful kiss under the moonlight...
im thinking too much into this :weep:

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