Reluctance to go out?

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Reluctance to go out?

Unread postby Abdeltyf » 8th September, 2017, 6:06 am

Well, as you may know, being gay and survive in my country is miraculous but still dangerous - not only is it illegal but homophobes make it worse.
Anyways, I still know a few gay people where I live. Not much, but there is a fair number of teenagers/young adults who are more or less "open" - more than a dozen of them live nearby. I introduce myself sometimes, and more than once I get approached by some. But whenever I get asked out, I'm just very reluctant, and at times scared. It's like I hold a grudge against gay people who live around me or something... I say I wouldn't mind a relationship but I just act very anti-social and turn everyone down.
I hate that most the guys I liked are ones I met online, who don't live in my country. I spent the last year texting instead of actually talking face to face with real people even when a possible relationship with them is impossible; I know I wouldn't handle the distance much myself, but I'm just mad that I don't like anyone around me. They're nice, attractive and smart yet nada, 0 feelings :shake:
I just wanna know if it ever happened to someone here, or if it's just my introvert side taking over every time :weep:

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Re: Reluctance to go out?

Unread postby Dolly » 8th September, 2017, 11:32 am

I think a lot of introverts feel this way, so you aren't exactly the only one who is reluctant to go out and do social activities. I don't think there's any way to "solve" it other than forcing yourself to be social.
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Re: Reluctance to go out?

Unread postby Woollyhoolly » 8th September, 2017, 1:24 pm

Maybe a nice excercise for you, only say yes for a day?

IF you force yourself to say yes to everything that day (well except maybe butt stuff, unless you are feeling like it), you can open up a bit.

Yes it may be scary, but you want to be more social eh? You're the one that has to do it.

I loved tunisia when i visited btw (yasmine-hammamet)

oh and ever thought about the possibility you just don't like the guys you are near? No-ones gonna punish you from heaven if you look further than 10 km from your house...
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