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Unread postby Collin924 » 2nd February, 2017, 10:59 pm

To be honest I'm not really sure why I am writing this. This forum gets enough wallowing in pity lol. But we can't have to many of those, right? So I welcome anyone who's been rejected, is still trying to date or have sex, or just feels lonely and needs to get something off their chest. :hug: What's your saddest story?

So I am 16, out, and yeah I'm single. It can be really rough sometimes. I've tried going for several guys over the past two years. It's all been flops lol.

One guy, we only told each other we liked each other at the end of the summer camp.
Another turned out to be practically celibate and "not interested in a relationship at the time" RIP
Several turned out to be straight--one was bi but I learned he had a girlfriend.
Second bi dude I actually did try and kiss him but he was really uncomfortable with his sexuality...
Another, just last month, was a freshman (sorry to any 14 years olds out there :P) who was infuriatingly difficult to have conversation with.
I did actually date a guy for about a month and half. But we never did anything and I broke that off because he was super clingy and just not in a good mental state.

Point is, rejection fucking sucks and it will happen--even when you come out. Hopefully it won't happen to you to the same degree as me :fml: Honestly, right now I've just resigned myself to the hope of better fortunes when I graduate. There is one or two gay guys that I know of left in my school, but it's still very awkward and hard for me to start flirting with someone (hint: don't be so difficult as me). I could try to hook up with someone online but I'm just not comfortable with that.

But it really only matters as much as you care about it. Because trust me, from what I've heard from friends it gets way easier past secondary school. More people are out, you're far more independent. (Seriously, I can't drive yet so what am I going to do? Ask mommy and daddy to drive me to a hookup?)
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Re: Rejection

Unread postby Dolly » 2nd February, 2017, 11:11 pm

I've never had to deal with a rejection because I've never asked a guy out before nor had a boyfriend. However, I did reject a few guys before who were not my tpye. One of them, who was really persistent, I just told I wasn't ready to be a boyfriend.

The fear of being rejected myself is the reason why I'm going to be sticking to tinder tbh
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