What is your type?

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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby GaycrazyBoi » 8th March, 2017, 9:42 pm

Ω wrote:
GaycrazyBoi wrote:
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Pity wrote:Loyal

I fit everything but the age, GTF Senpai.


You always know when to say something to burst my bubble, don't you?

Let me have my fun, Ethan. I'm not gonna do anything. I'm happily dating my partner.

which one?

The only one I have.
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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby Oracle » 11th March, 2017, 6:49 am

I think I got a little carried away with the details...

Nationality/ethnicity: White and from the United States

Age: Mine or a little older

Gender/sex: Male

Sexuality: Gay/Bi

Appearance: Fit, dark wavy hair, green or hazel eyes, a little taller than me(but not so tall that it bothers me that he is taller than me), few to no moles or freckles, not really hairy but not clean shaven, has enough hair that he is capable of looking masculine but little enough for it to be attractive, maybe light stubble.

Emo/Goth/other: No.

Other info: Actually capable of saying something that interests me enough to stop talking and listen to them(I talk, and talk, and talk to everyone, they never get to speak), educated, know at least two languages, shares my political and moral ideas, sweet, funny, childish and mature, member of Mensa Foundation, has Asperger's Disorder, is as nerdy as me in the same things, top, doesn't expect me to actually sleep with him every night(because that would mean that he would expect me to sleep every night, and I don't like to sleep), patient, knows how to cook enough to get by, is equally good at video games as me, and has a name like Nathan, Nolan, or Wolfram.

Alternative: myself, I don't think there is anyone I could be happier around or more miserable around than myself. I do not think the world could handle two of me.
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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby Mawd » 11th March, 2017, 6:57 am

I usually go for water types but sometimes I really like the ghost and dark types too much. But ever since the new generations came out I've gotten pretty lost in the details so maybe I'll have to say fuck it and settle with Scyther.

Idk I don't really have a type, I like to collect a bit of everything so I have an adaptable team at my disposal.

Being serious for one moment I could have gone in multiple ways. Being with Ben is being in a comfortable, nerdy, long term relationship with someone of the same age as me and a slightly different background. We care about each other but we're also a bit independent. We disagree but we don't always blow up.
We're okay with looking at other men together but think non-monogomy is something that has to be something we're both informed about and its something we both have to consent to and the other people we consent to have to be people we both find appealing.

My actual preference is pretty close to Russel's except I don't care for new age spiritualism after being raised on it my entire life. I'm probably a lot looser with body shape and upper age range than he is. There are plenty of fuckable/datable hot thirty year olds, even some in their 40s.

But there was a point in my life where the guy or girl I could have met would have been a high maintenance, F I T, power couple type who was exceptionally motivated, still liked drugs and all that but had a lot less time for nerdy things and a lot more time for things like music, film, and other creative/cultural interests.

One of the things I'll never change about Ben is how little time he has for music that isn't pop-dance and any kind of film that approaches the barest whiff of intellectual art-wankery. But that's what my other friends are for.

Oh and a difference to a few of you is that I'd be happy with guys, girls, and people in between. Also femme looking dudes and masc looking girls.
I give people a lot of leeway as long as they have some fucken self awareness. Some people end up so demanding and judgemental that they never stop and think about what they can do to be more acceptable. Kinds of people that demand everyone to change for them yet only do things for themselves, people that hate it when people bug them but think they earn the right to bug others because they're special.
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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby Sylvain90 » 13th March, 2017, 11:16 am

Roulé 305 wrote:Cuddly cute nerds, the rest Paris shuttle doesn't matter to me.

You seem interesting :awesome:
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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby CaseyD » 19th March, 2017, 4:21 am

I tend to like older guys, masculine, muscular, etc. I don't really focus on race, but the guy himself. I kind of like British accents a lot too. It goes without saying that they should be cool guys, sense of humor, capable of being serious, etc.
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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby DannyBoyX_ » 10th June, 2017, 1:20 pm

Nationality/Ethnicity Idc where he comes from as long as he's white (no hate :keke: )

Age 15-17

Gender/sex Male

Sexuality Gay (mb bi really depends on the person

Appearance Handsome :lol: no he has to have strong Arms(Thats really my weak spot)

Emo/Goth/other (if applicable) no

Other: I love guys who are not fem. The kind of person which you thought he was straight. Or just a deep voice :)

Image Example:
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Re: What is your type?

Unread postby Peekaboo » 11th June, 2017, 5:13 pm

Nationality/ethnicity: None, I've been with a decent variety and it literally makes no difference

Age: Around my age, so 18-22 fish i guess???

Gender/sex: Male or Female

Sexuality: Well.. (bi/gay for guys, straight for girls?? ^^)

Appearance: Relatively slim, tall being a bonus but by no means a requirement

Emo/Goth/other (if applicable): Likeminded i guess, so into video games, politics and lots of movies. what ever that comes under :awesome:

Other info: Nice to get along with, capable of starting a conversation since i can be an awkward pleb on occasion :swg:
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