The Lack of Action by the Majority

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The Lack of Action by the Majority

Unread postby Example » 12th June, 2017, 7:50 pm

I made this post earlier today and wanted to know how you guys felt about it
what are your feelings on pulse a year later

Where is the change?

We thought that maybe this time would be different. I thought perhaps we would actually see some change in the world for our community thanks to the power of the majority. It felt like the world had finally noticed the pain LGBT+ people go through. June 12th, 2016, was the day everyone was forced to wake up to the truth. They could no longer avert their eyes or lift up the rug and sweep it under. The majority was forced to see the pain that was created, which they birthed, nurtured, and set free into the world. We prayed and hoped that this was the wake up call everyone needed and that the screams that night were the community’s song, begging for help. We thought that, this time, those screams would be answered back with ''Don't worry. Things will be different now.'' The people who died would be planted like seeds that would blossom into the change we all wished for. Alas, as days turned into weeks, the love that was so abundant began to fade. The articles stopped popping up, and people stopped making posts on social media. The majority was done with us. They stole our tears for themselves, they stole our pain for their own attention, and then left us out on the street when it was over. Back under the rug, we became forgotten, like so many other minorities. One year later, the community is still asking where the change is. We are still waiting for the victims to be reborn like a phoenix and to light up the world, like they lit all of our hearts since that day. We cannot and will not ever stop asking for change. When the rest of the world tries to forget, when they move on to their next crisis of the moment, and create their new hash tags and prayers, we continue to shout out that we are still here, and we are never going anywhere. It's our duty as LGBT+ people to remember all the victims. We must carry them in all of our hearts. Through the pain, our love for each other has only grown stronger. We cry for those who are gone, but we stand for them as well. We will never be defeated and we will not retreat as the victims left something in all of us that day, and it burns a brightness only we can see. Carry it until the day the rest of the world is ready to see it's flames. To the community, you are not alone. To our allies, thank you. To the people who try to bring us down, just remember every whisper of negativity was a gun pointed at pulse that day. The community will not forget you.
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Re: The Lack of Action by the Majority

Unread postby Dolly » 12th June, 2017, 8:57 pm

I personally believe the atmosphere for LGBT individuals has greatly improved since the terrorist attack occurred last year. As a society, I feel that we are all becoming more welcoming and inclusive of others, regardless of sexuality. Perhaps this is due to companies celebrating the accomplishments of the stars of the LGBT community or colorful rainbow logo edits or even just the growing population of the youth.

I would like to ask you: what lack of action by the majority have you witnessed? Who is the majority? What actions would you like to see taken or even spoken about? Is this a political issue that needs to be directly addressed by the government or is it something personal that each of us should consider? I could rant about the hypocrisy in promoting the importation of Muslims while advocating for more stringent protections for members of the community or how there is little to be done as a society to achieve equality, but that does not accomplish much.

Virtually everyone in this country knows the massacre by Islamic extremist Omar Mateen was horrific and inhumane in every variable imaginable. Even conservatives, evangelicals, and hard-lined heterosexuals recognize this. So, I conclude with my opinion that there is neither a lack of nor a proactive response from the so-called and unknown majority.
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Re: The Lack of Action by the Majority

Unread postby Togetik » 13th June, 2017, 5:23 am

Things like this, they seem like they'd change things but they never really do. Look at similar events, the white supremacist murders that've happened so many times in the last few years, the school shootings. In the current culture we live in, violent events don't cause change they just cause brief bouts of sympathy followed by stagnation.

I have to imagine that things will change for the better eventually, there's a massive push in the US to curtail the rights of LGBT people and it's causing just as much pushback as the other awful things going on. I choose to believe that this is indicative of what the majority do really feel, and that the policy shaped by the people pushing back against the current attacks on lgbt people will change things for the better
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Re: The Lack of Action by the Majority

Unread postby c70 » 17th July, 2017, 11:05 pm

As we all know, majority support for LGBT+ minorities is first dependent on your geographical location. The Saudi Arabian government would treat a matter of equality vastly differently than the Canadian Government would. For the sake of debate, I am going to strictly focus on events and the current and past political climate in the United States and Canada with regards to the LGBT+ community.

Thinking back to the night of Pulse makes me physically cold. Even though I was not there, It shows how little barrier we have between those who hate the LGBT+ community and choose to tweet about it, versus those who act on their hatred. I would be lieing, if I said I knew every detail about the horrendous attack, but all I felt was sadness and disappointment for days after. I didn't feel like society was doing enough. But as I look back a year now since the attack, and I try to measure how equality and awareness has improved I realize that, as an individual, how can I measure accurately? By the number of pride flags on store windows? By the number of times the radio plays a Pride Week ad. These things can all be done out of a sort of social contract. I would like to hope with all my heart, that conditions have improved in the past year, but all I can account for, is the little town I drive through almost every day in Canada.

I'm not sure If I can agree with the level of change that is being expected here. There are many more issues than just LGBT+ rights and equality that should take equal priority, but I'm glad that the radio plays Pride Week ads, and I am happy that I see Pride Flags hung on store windows, because even if it is just the impression of caring on behalf of the store, It can inspire others to create bigger change, and it makes me, and im sure many others, feel accepted. Which can be change in itself.
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