UK 2017 General Election

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Re: UK 2017 General Election

Unread postby Hyacinth » 13th June, 2017, 7:45 pm

What a mess this election was. Honestly I couldn't even decide on whom to support. My gut would say Conservative, however the lies and lack of credibility of Theresa May was something not possible to ignore. It's hilarious and tragic in a sense, how she contradicted her campaign motto with any action and it ultimately turned out to be an internet meme. :rip:

On the other hand, Labour gained support with a huge program of wealth redistribution, which is largely populist and would openly lead to higher taxes for richer people. It is, an always will be beyond me what is the justification for punishing rich people for their contributions to the economy? Jeremy Corbyn does however seem to be an honest person who truly believes in what they preach, one has to give him that.

I'm not sure if the rest is worth a mention. Liberal Democrats and UKIP are a joke. The only situation where the SNP would be of any relevance is an event of a Labour-SNP-Lib Dem coalition, which apparently isn't happening. So no.

If all choices are bad and there are only gradations of flop, I'd advocate for a Labour minority government. They seem to have a unified stance on Brexit. An idea of a soft Brexit seems to be what a significant part of the Conservatives and all of the minority parties (including the DUP) want and therefore, soft Brexit legislation would pass through with ease. The British parliament would have a more or less one position and the negotiations would go through smoothly. If the British people are to have a Tory-DUP coalition, which will have a very slim majority, it is entirely possible that not only they will have difficulties with determining on what kind of Brexit they want but the whole government can be voted out easily. That creates a permanent aura of instability, which is something business doesn't like and increases the likelihood of companies moving out from the UK to continental Europe.

There's also a separate issue of the DUP being a Northern Irish party. With them being a coalition partner, this could lead to another mess being reignited in NI. I've already seen news blurbs on Sinn Fein appearing in Westminster, in contradiction to their general abstentionism.

What it means to me? Since I'm on the opposite side of the negotiating table and some companies have already expressed interest in moving to Poland or neighbouring countries, I would lie to say that I'm very concerned. It's a shame, though, for my country to lose an ally against the French-German tandem, especially since the new French government seems to be very reluctant against the conservative government in my country (unlike the Germans, who are more or less willing to cooperate). It's also a shame to see the rise of xenophobia against Polish (and people of other EU nationalities) in the UK, which will probably continue over the next few years. But there shouldn't be another referendum for sure - people have voted and now Britain should carry on.
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Re: UK 2017 General Election

Unread postby Peekaboo » 4th September, 2017, 8:01 am

Togetik wrote:Corbyn seems like the objective best choice given that the conservative's policy of twiddling their moustaches and tying women to train tracks hasn't helped the economy very much.

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